Opportu’s Adapt & Grow™ suite of programs combine current best practices with thorough diagnostics and innovative learning and engagement practices such as somatic methods, creativity stimulation and brain science. The result? Transformation. Concepts that really stick and participants that clamor for more!
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All trainings are available in person or via video conference, or a combination of both.


Leadership Skills and Confidence for Executives

This customized training meets your leaders and managers where they are – whether they are new to leadership, or seasoned leaders wanting to be reinspired with new developments or a refresher in best practices, we tailor best practices to engage and inspire. Get your leaders fired up and ready to take your company to new heights.

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Growth-Minded Coaching for Executives, featuring the Opportu 360

Every leader can use a strategic ally to work with them on challenges such as taking on a new level of responsibility, relationship management or self-awareness, so they can grow and lead more effectively. Let’s build loyalty and strength with your top talent – let’s partner them with a seasoned Opportu coach. Our proprietary 360 assessment is just one of the high impact tools we offer. The results are undeniable.

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Trauma-Informed Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI)

Did you know that 70% of Americans have experienced trauma in their lifetime? That includes your workforce. Taking a trauma-informed, coaching approach to DEI helps to ensure successful, brave, human-centered culture change at a deep level for your organization. Our experts cover everything from the pragmatic, legal aspects to the personal, people-skills side of it – we are here to help. >Learn More.

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Resilience Building for Individuals, Teams and Companies

Businesses everywhere, including your employees, were impacted by the global pandemic – and still are. Resilience is not automatic – it is a learned behavior, and this training provides a “Roadmap to Resilience”, along with sustainable practices, to help your workforce and your business to become resilient – a unit that is stronger than ever – and ready to face whatever comes next.

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Executive Presence & Adaptive Communication/Presentation Skills

Public speaking, presenting and impromptu communication can be scary! And yet, being an effective communicator is a critical part of an executive’s journey as they expand their responsibilities and scope as a leader. Our proven methods – taught individually or at a group level – have shown to transform not just skill levels but confidence levels of even the most hesitant executive, so they can truly shine.

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Brain-and-Body-based Occupational Learning and Development

This is a unique approach to support and strengthen public-facing government organizations at an individual and team level – it’s based on neurobiology and the effects of trauma on both personnel and the communities they serve. The program helps teams and leaders in law enforcement and transportation acquire new skills and behaviors that foster more respectful, positive interactions with the public, and to cultivate effective community and problem-solving strategies.

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What Makes our Training Methods Both High Impact and Memorable?

We integrate the Opportu Principles into every one of our programs. And we don’t hesitate to stop and have a “coaching moment” during a training engagement if the need arises – it’s one of the things that make our training programs so unique. We do whatever it takes to help realize our clients’ goals.

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Be values-driven at both an individual and group level

Hard analytics + soft skills = superior results

Create a foundation of humble confidence

Engage the whole self: mental, emotional, physical

Great leadership starts with self leadership

Constant innovation for improvement, internally and externally

Our trainings vary in length and can be tailored to your needs.  Custom (original) trainings on additional topics can also be developed.  What’s happening with your organizational culture?

Let’s talk about your training goals and challenges.