Opportu coaches and consultants are talented, seasoned, passionate, approachable and professional. All have been thoroughly screened and pre-qualified to ensure the delivery of the highest level of service to you. Part of our unique offering includes custom-matching the right Opportu team members (for both personality and skill set) to meet the needs of your company at both individual and team levels.

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Felicia Tripp

Senior Consultant

Career and professional coaching
Diversity and Inclusion training and consultation
Culturally relevant curriculum planning and development
Facilitation of action planning
Emotional intelligence and mindfulness

Specialties and Areas of Focus:
* Business, education and non-profits
* Agility in modalities
* Knowledgeable in the needs and interests of a wide array of populations

Irvenia Waters

Senior Consultant

Executive Coaching and Leadership Coaching
Leadership Team Coaching
Building High-Performing Teams
Emotional Intelligence and Resilience
Strategy Planning
Aligning Strategy and Culture

Specialties and Areas of Focus:
* Healthcare, Technology, Education, Environmental Sustainability, Social Sector
* Custom designed experiential workshops to develop and align strategy and to master leadership competencies

Jane Flint

Senior Consultant

Somatic coach: mindfulness and embodied awareness for leadership
Experienced curriculum designer
Skill certification planning and execution
Design thinking
Non-violent communications

Specialties of focus:
* Business and service cultures of Healthcare, Technology, Education verticals
* Customer insight through touchpoint mapping
* Collaborative communications
* Human/technical alignment
* Published author

Jennifer Dhillon

Senior Consultant

Workshop facilitation & content development
Healthy culture development
Resiliency training

Specialties of focus:
* Health, housing and education
* Non-profits and social impact
* Attorney
* Author

Leslie Eveland

Senior Consultant

Business Strategy
Organization design
Strategy /Structure alignment
Change Management
Leadership Development and Coaching
Team Building and Action Learning

Specialties and Areas of Focus:
* High Tech, Finance, Manufacturing and Supply Chain management
* Mergers and acquisitions integration
* Cross-boundary collaboration
* Creativity in business

Marnie Rosenberg

Senior Consultant

Career Development
Career Transitions
Leadership Development
Leadership Workshops

Specialties and Areas of Focus:
* Career and Life Purpose Alignment
* Goal-Setting and Strategic Planning
* Time Management and Productivity
* Storytelling and Self-Marketing
* Confronting Risk Aversion
* Work/Life Balance

Paul Weber

Senior Consultant

Technology strategy
Hardware and software development
Data management
Rapid product prototype, design and development

Specialties and Areas of Focus:
* IOT, edge-sensor technology and communications
* Hardware design tools and systems
* eCommerce and analytics
* Technology program management
* Consumer, financial, tech, manufacturing sectors

Rick Bidgood

Senior Consultant

Human behavior in the workplace
Workplace design
People & Culture strategies
Leadership development
Building Emotional & Social “Intelligence”

Specialties and Areas of Focus:
* Emotional & mental health of entrepreneurs
* Creating healthy relationships in startupland (co-founders & teams)
* Growing ascendant leaders
* Technology, healthcare and financial services businesses

Sally Park

Senior Consultant

Sales Performance Breakthrough Coaching
Career and Life Transformations
Executive Communication
Personal “Brand-Building”
Emotional Intelligence
Time+Priority Management

Specialties and Areas of Focus:
* Management and IT Consulting Firms; Technology Companies; Financial Services
* Millennials (How to manage, motivate and retain)
* Work/Life Harmony Coaching
* Women in Leadership ( Life and Career Transitions)
* Small Business Performance Coaching and Consulting

Sasha Cagen

Senior Consultant

Creating Safe Spaces for Innovation + Creativity
Executive Coaching and Leadership Consulting
Priority and Goal-Setting
Non-violent Communication in the Workplace
Creating Greater Work-Life Balance
Surveying Employees for Clarity on What’s Working and What’s Not, with Actionable Reports

Specialties and Areas of Focus:
* Authentic Storytelling for Leaders to use internally and externally (press, speaking, origin story)
* Retaining key female talent
* Experiential tango workshops to teach women leadership development
* Bridging the gap between “Millenials” and “GenX” workers
* Liberating “quirkyness” — individual creativity and trust-building among a team
* To-Do List research (Has spoken at Google and other companies on what lists reveal about us)
* Published author

Scottie Spurzem

Senior Consultant

Accent Management Strategies
Executive Coaching/Consulting for Communications in English as a Second Language
Investor Relations and Generation of Capital Acumen
Entrepreneurial & Intrapreneurial Strategies for Language & Communications
Cultural Communications for Entrepreneurs and for Corporate Advancement

Specialties and Areas of Focus:
* Accent Reduction
* Natural and Functional Language
* Acquisition for Work and Networking
* Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (CELTA)
* Language & Communications for Pitching
* Interactive Workshops/Content Designed for Effective and Efficient Communications in English
Language & Awareness for Corporate Advancement
* Technology, Finance, Heath Tech, Retail, Disrupters & Consumer Companies

Staci Collins

Senior Consultant

Balanced Scorecard
Leadership Communications
Executive Advancement
Executive Presence/Perspective
Executive Transition
Career Engineering
Change/Transition Communications Strategies
Performance Management

Specialties and Areas of Focus:
* High Tech, Consulting, Healthcare, Financial Services, Oil/Gas
* APAC, MENA, LATAM, Europe, Canada, U.S., Global MNE
* Leading (Managing) Up
* 20+ years Guiding Seasoned & Emerging Leaders
* Becoming Authentic, Measurable & Inspired
* Driving Desired Impact, Career, & Fulfillment

Steve Terusaki

Senior Consultant

Executive Coaching
Leadership Development
Organizational Assessments
Cultural Integration
Business Strategy Consulting

Specialties and Areas of Focus:
* Professional Services
* A/E Industry
* Peer Forums
* Group Facilitation

Tracy Akresh Stone

Senior Consultant

Career and transition coaching
Strengths based leadership development
Team building and communication workshops
Work-life integration

Specialties and Areas of Focus:
* Myers Briggs and Behavioral Style Assessments
* Women in transition
* Asking for what you want
* Negotiating the promotion

Hilary Weber

Founder & CEO

Innovation Acumen
Executive Coaching and Leadership Consulting
Culture Development and Team Interactions
Entrepreneurial/Intrapreneurial Strategy
Creative Problem Solving for Clients

Specialties and Areas of Focus:
* Technology Companies; Healthcare and Biotech, including Devices
* Women Leaders (taking on new challenges)
* Team and Partner Conflicts
* Experiential Workshops/Content Designed for Mastery of Skills


Opportu is a unique coaching and consulting firm – we work with startups and established enterprises, with a conscious focus on a key element that runs through both sectors: Innovation (defined as “ideas that come to fruition in the marketplace”).

Our coaches and consultants are actively engaged with startups, doing “whatever it takes” to make them successful, so the team is well versed in the elements and approaches startups employ to innovate. The same team – made up of seasoned professionals with strong corporate experience – blends startup innovation with best-in-class coaching and consulting methodologies to enable established companies to rekindle innovation from the inside out.

We serve clients all over the globe. Our clients cross multiple industry verticals; and, we have expertise and special passion for technology and mission-driven companies in sectors such as health/bioscience, education, B corporations, etc. Our coaches have particularly deep expertise in working with women leaders.