About Opportu

Opportu was founded in early 2012 in Silicon Valley with a simple yet consistent mission: help each professional, team and company be their best, with optimal leadership, innovation, interaction capabilities and ultimately a strong, healthy organizational culture.

Opportu’s vision is a world where companies have souls, and where people can experience significant accomplishment and deep satisfaction while at work, and ultimately have a positive impact on their communities and the world.

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About Us

We love organizational culture and innovation!  We are tinkerers, inventors, content creators and innovators in our own right – we experiment, blend and continuously improve our coaching, assessment and training offerings so that the outcomes of today are better than yesterday’s.

Hilary Weber

President/Principal Consultant

Hilary brings more than 10 years of training, presenting, and coaching to the table for clients ranging from early startups to large, global enterprises. She has developed and facilitated content for groups of all sizes and across ten countries. Some areas of focus include leadership development, gender bias, DEI, confidence, and conflict resolution. She is a Certified Professional Coach (CPC) and is certified and experienced in Facet5, MBTI, TruScore; also a Global Presentations Skills Trainer and an ELI Master Practitioner.

Local presence, global capabilities

Though we’re based in San Francisco, our reach to date spans 10 countries across the globe (and counting). We work both virtually (video chat and phone) and on-site.

We are willing to go where we’re needed and do what it takes to make our clients successful. And it works! Clients often call us back for more services so they can “scale the next mountain.”

Our team is excited to work with your team – let’s get started!
As we like to say, Opportu is “the first step toward opportunity”…