Opportu’s CEO Appointed to Board of Directors for SkyDeck, U.C. Berkeley Accelerator

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Hilary Weber, founder and CEO of Opportu Startup Leadership, was asked to join the Board of Directors for SkyDeck, U.C. Berkeley’s accelerator. The Board position is to be for one year. Also on board are the Executive Director of SkyDeck, Caroline Winnet, and the Dean of the Haas School of Business, Richard Lyons, among others. SkyDeck is the first accelerator associated with a research university, and was established two and a half years ago. Hilary has been a Venture Advisor for the past two years, advising and coaching multiple SkyDeck teams, primarily in the areas of team building, people skills and presence/pitch development. She also leads the Team Development practice area at SkyDeck. To learn more about SkyDeck, click here.

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