• Choosing Opportu was one of the most important decisions I have made in the last decade.

    The two Opportu coaches I worked with enabled me to shift strategy and move forward onto the next stage of development. They helped me to articulate the growth barriers I was facing but did not have the experience to fully identify. And once identified, Opportu provided tools and strategies for working through challenges regarding team dynamics, management styles, and innovation-blocking habits. Most importantly for me, having a trusted advisor during that period of transition gave me greater confidence we would get past the hurdles.

    Paul E., Executive, Fortune 300 company, San Francisco

  • The value-add through Opportu coaching, in my opinion, cannot be measured in mere dollars

    I originally engaged Opportu to assist me with a transition within my company, little did I know that they would be creating within me a foundation that is ready for perpetual transitions that allows for a level set of happiness. Through a deeper understanding of self, a stronger sense of empathy, and social equipment to thrive on a daily basis – Opportu and I have worked to build within me a sense of clarity and purpose that will serve me in every aspect and chapter of my journey. I have, and will continue to, recommend Opportu to my friends and colleagues. The value-add through Opportu coaching, in my opinion, cannot be measured in mere dollars; career growth and personal happiness is where the true value is found. I highly recommend Opportu.

    Beth Campbell, Westfield EVP + Head of Design

  • Our work with Hilary Weber at Opportu was transformative for our institution.

    She set the stage for us to take our academic leadership team from good to great. I was thoroughly impressed with her knowledge, professionalism, enthusiasm, and her willingness to spend whatever time it took to collaborate with us to make sure that the experience met, and ultimately, exceeded our expectations. If you are looking for inspirational leadership management training for your team or organization, look no further!

    Peggy Procter, Upper School Director, Windward School

  • I’m thankful for the leadership skills that Hilary has helped me develop.

    Hilary’s deep understanding of the startup environment, management issues, and expert executive counsel kept me from making a big mistake — choosing the wrong person to partner with… I was inspired, hopeful, and focused my time and energy on getting our company established… Hilary’s expertise and consulting saved me more potential grief, wasted effort, troubled work issues, and money than I care to think about. She kept me from making a bad business decision and then inspired me to re-launch my own company…I highly recommend Hilary to startup founders and their teams as well as venture capitalists that work with many startups.

    Carla Baker Marymee, CEO, Kids First Advocacy

  • I’ve heard nothing but positive feedback and one of our senior leadership said that she had never seen such a diverse group of our employees so engaged with each other.

    Thank you so much for all the work you put into the session today. I’ve heard nothing but positive feedback and one of our senior leadership said that she had never seen such a diverse group of our employees so engaged with each other. I think that has to be the highest compliment you could receive!

    Leslie Wittman
    VP of Human Resources, Bridge Housing

  • I would highly recommend Hilary if you are working to develop a strong team.

    I am immensely thankful that I know Hilary, both as an individual and as an adviser [and] executive coach. My interactions with Hilary have been transformative. She has a talent for untangling interpersonal situations, and is able to almost immediately offer real, tangible solutions.

    More specifically, she helped our team through our first rough encounter [which] has made our team closer and our work ethic stronger. In fact, she made herself available over the phone in between appointments, when we needed her most.

    I would highly recommend Hilary if you are working to develop a strong team, or if you have a team and are working to increase team cohesion, improve team dynamics or develop solutions to unexpected complications. In our case, she was able to help break down, and help me see, situations from multiple and more practical perspectives.

    G.S. Bhalla, Founder, 1947 Partition Archive

  • The end result was energizing, enlightening, and a powerful experience.

    From the moment we began, Hilary’s ability to listen—so fully, so intensely—set the tone for dynamic, productive work that seemed, almost magically, to reveal just what I needed to know. After four sessions, I was able to break through a major mental block to get my professional website back on track and take a much more focused approach to job searching.

    Hilary doesn’t do the work for you, but pushes you to do it yourself—to take a truly honest look at your values, your dreams, your talents, what defines your quality of life, and to take the huge leap of faith to believe in yourself and your value to others. The end result was energizing, enlightening, and a powerful experience; it will strengthen every endeavor in your life.

    Deanna Q, Journalist, Morristown, NJ

  • Important personal insights resulted in better interactions with [my] teams.

    I’ve known Hilary Weber since 2003. Back then, I was working with a team of people whose style of working seemed to be completely different from mine. I then got promoted and began to manage a team myself, in a demanding, fast-paced environment, which came with its own additional challenges. Hilary coached me to apply findings from the Myers-Briggs analysis our department did with my peers and my direct reports, which gave me some important personal insights that resulted in better interactions with the teams I worked with. I’m really grateful for the guidance she gave me over the years.

    Dena R., Healthcare Advertising, Glendora, CA

  • I strongly recommend Opportu’s services.

    Opportu was extremely valuable to our non-profit organization in planning a critical meeting of our Board of Directors. Hilary Weber facilitated the Board meeting in an objective and thoughtful manner that enabled us to have an honest and productive conversation. She posed tough questions that are strategic and result-oriented. We now have a manageable framework for our decision making process. Most importantly, the meeting re-energized us to tackle the tough decisions that lay ahead. I strongly recommend Opportu’s services.

    Veronica Sanchez, President, Nicaraguan Children’s Friendship Committee

  • She has a truly unique talent of bringing out the best in people.

    When I met Hilary, I was transitioning out of the restaurant business and into the fine art/gallery arena. She helped me to tap into my natural energy and talents as well as my new selling skills, which led to my career as a successful art dealer with clients all over the world. Now, after more than twenty years, she still motivates and inspires me, both personally and professionally. She has a truly unique talent of bringing out the best in people.

    Larry B., Fine Art Sales Executive, San Francisco

  • Hilary is my “go to” person for coaching-she is always spot on.

    Hilary has been my “go to” person for coaching. She has helped me sort through thorny career issues–and she is always spot on. She helped me think through my situation so I could come to a sound solution, and she guided me towards a plan of action. Her ability to listen and cut to the chase (or get to the heart of the issue) and then provide a way for you to think through it is amazing. She is a natural and I am so thrilled she is expanding her offerings so she can share that gift with everyone.

    Linda R., Marketing Executive, Fortune 15 Healthcare company, San Francisco

  • I recommend working with Hilary Weber to anyone.

    I would recommend working with Hilary Weber to anyone. I was having some challenges in my relatively new role as an account manager as I returned from maternity leave, so she really worked closely with me to figure out what really motivated me about the job. We got my priorities straightened out and I was able to get past the learning curves – I ended up getting top “customer satisfaction” marks from my internal clients by the end of the year! I feel like working with her made a big difference.

    Christina K., Healthcare Account Management, Lakewood, CA

  • Jane more than listens. She hears what is not said as well as what is said.

    She is able to quickly understand the language of [our] business, synthesize and reframe it so people both within and outside the business understand. She is fearless when it comes to asking questions, modeling the power of not-knowing, and using the skills of her experiential embodied awareness practice to break through intractable problems with grace.

    Diana G., Executive, Large non-profit HealthPlan, Oakland, CA


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