With a 90-95% failure rate, Opportu believes that startups themselves are ripe for disruption. We help startups build a strong foundation of a shared mission, have healthy debates, foster broad mind diversity, fill functional gaps and develop a culture of sustainable and evolving innovation so they can grow and thrive.

Services for Startups
Coaching for CEOs & Founders Coaching Executive coaching for individual founders, or for small teams of co-founders/C-level leaders
Team Coaching & Culture Development Coaching Team leadership, company-wide skills training, company culture/mission development
Pitch Training and Funding Prep Coaching Pitch deck/content development, executive presence coaching, presentation skills training
Gap-Fill Resources: Functional Areas Coaching Short-term and interim contract resources in marketing, business development, healthcare consulting, data, technology
Organization & Culture Design Coaching Custom organizational design that evolves with high growth companies to foster ongoing innovation
Conflict Resolution & Leadership Skills Coaching Founder and team mediation, healthy inter-personal communications training, basic and advanced leadership coaching
Customized Programs Coaching Let us know what your challenges are – we will co-design a solution


Every great company started out with passion and a dream. As companies become huge enterprises, they sometimes lose that original spark that fuels innovation at all levels. We work with enterprises to pinpoint areas of opportunity in their innovation landscape, then co-design programs that enable inspiration, passion and success to “start up again” across a team, a division or an entire enterprise.

Services for Enterprises
Executive Coaching Coaching Coaching for executives and leaders starting at senior manager level, designed to foster innovation
Team Coaching & Culture Development Coaching Coaching for teams at various levels – department, division, executive – to build and sustain an innovation culture, including post-startup acquisition
Innovation & Culture Assessments Coaching Best-in-class assessments for individuals and teams, including new breakthrough instruments from top research groups
Re-startup Innovation Consulting Coaching Data-driven, custom consulting programs that build on assessments and other diagnostics to provide significant, measurable results
Meeting Facilitation Coaching Expert facilitation during key events to drive meeting results to greater heights, while building skills team-wide
Workshops & Training Coaching Interactive, hands-on workshops and skills training that allow participants to experience growth mindset learning
Customized Programs Coaching Let us know what your challenges are – we will co-design a solution